Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Nature's Teaching

The wind blows..
Waking the world of nature..
It is time to spread the seeds of new life..
Mundane.. simple.. yet important..

The bee buzzes..
Calling its kind..
It is time to nurture the seeds of new life..
Natural.. unnoticed.. yet real..

The rain falls..
Paying a visit to earth ground..
It is time to grow the seeds of new life..
Repetitious.. basic.. yet strong..

The way the world speaks to us and teaches us is..
Mundane.. natural.. repetitious..
Simple.. unnoticed.. basic..
That we often take them for granted..

When we search behind the modesty..
We will find meanings that are..
Important.. real.. and strong..
Lessons that we can never live without..

-10 March 2010-

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