Friday, 30 November 2007



Pretty much all my life has been taught in the way of Sir Baden Powell. I would like to share some of it (some that really left a trace in me) to all the teenagers who work, learn and play with me.

The things taught in Scouts & Guides life is not only theory. They are real and can be utilised in our lives to give a deeper meaning in each action that we make towards our better future in becoming a better human being.

In trying to be a better person, putting ourselves in other peoples's shoes is very important. Therefore, I tried to join other groups and activities to understand their existence and purposes better.

For the time being, this blog (or a part of it), will be dedicated to the purpose of information flow of the Al-Azhar GAPURA, which consists of the Scouts & Guide Brigade and the Youth Red Cross Team.

I hope we can grow something good from all the things we learn together.

-Go Teens!-

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